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Miss Attention Span [userpic]
Lotion Bar Recipes I want to try
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at April 15th, 2006 (05:49 pm)

Source: Soap Centre Recipe Search

Cocoa/Shea Butter Lotion Bars

1 part beeswax
1 part cocoa butter
1 part shea butter
1 part oil (coconut, emu, etc.)

Melt all and pour into a container or mold.

Coconut Oil Lotion Bar

1 part beeswax
1 part coconut oil
1 part grapeseed oil, apricot oil or sweet almond
1 tsp. EO per lb. of total product
1/4 part shea/mango/cocoa butter (optional)

Melt all together and pour into a container or mold.

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at April 4th, 2006 (08:31 pm)

I don't know if it's particuarly significant but I had the strangest dream last night.

I'm lying in a ditch, hiding. To my right is a barbed wire fence then a mountain. To my left some trees then a lake.

In the distance I can see Hurley (From Lost) I think I'm hiding from him, but he comes over and kicks lightly at my left hand.

I look up at him, he smiles and says the following

"You know I'd find you. You have to stop pretending you don't know. You need to start paying attention.

It's three, it's always been three. It always will be. It's important"

He then picked me up off the floor, swept me into his arms and carried me off. Then I woke up

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at April 3rd, 2006 (08:19 pm)

Keeping Conscious
Staying Grounded In A Busy World

Author Unknown

1. Live simply and live deliberately. By choosing not to get caught up in the details of this fast-paced world, you are doing your part to slow down the . You will also discover that you have more time to enjoy being alive.

2. Stay in touch with yourself. Soul searching, meditation, and journaling are just a few of the many activities you can take part in to stay aware and learn as much as you can about your emotions, reactions, likes, dislikes, dreams, and fears. Having a solid sense of self gives you a firm foundation for living in this world.

3. Support or teach others as often as you can. This can help you form connections with people while also giving you an opportunity to make the world a better place.

4. Consciously choose what you will allow into your being. The media bombards us with visions of hate, war, and pain. Be judicious about what you read, watch, and listen to.

5. Acknowledge the beauty that resides around you. Whether you live in a sprawling metropolis or a stereotypical suburb, there are natural and man-made wonders just waiting to be discovered by you.

6. Nurture your ties to your tribe. If you don't have one, create a community that you can belong to. Modern life can be isolating. When you have a tribe, you have a circle that you are a part of. Its members - loved ones, friends, or neighbors - can be a source of support, caring, guidance, and companionship.

7. See the larger picture. Remember that the way that you choose to live is not the only way to live. Widen your perspective by exploring other modes of being through research, travel, and discussion.

8. Embrace the challenges that life presents to you, and challenge yourself often. After a time, even the most exciting jobs or lifestyles can seem routine. Never stop assimilating new knowledge about whatever you are doing, and your life will never seem dull.

9. Move your body. In this busy world, it can be easy to live a sedentary life. Movement reacquaints us with our bodies and connects us to the earth in a visceral way. It also restores our vitality.

10. Make time for stillness, silence, and solitude. The world can be noisy, and we are subject to all kinds of noises nearly every waking hour. We are also often "on the go" and unable to relax. Being alone in a peaceful place and making time for quiet can help you stay in touch with yourself.

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at March 28th, 2006 (08:53 pm)

Hymn to the Morrigan by Isaac Bonewits

O Morrigan, we call your name Across the dusty years.
You speak to us, of blood and lust. You show us all our fears.
You are a goddess, old and wise. Of holy power you have no dearth.
Beneath your wings : Black, Red and White, We learn of death and birth.

You walk about, this ancient land, Your hungers raw and clear.
You make the crops, grow rich and strong, As well your geese and deer.
A flirting maid, a lusty hag, A mother of great girth :
Without the touch of your black wings, We cannot heal the earth.

You float upon, a blood red wave, Of swords and spears and knives.
Your voice inspires, fear and dread, That you'll cut short our lives.
You try the warriors', courage sore, Our inner souls unearth.
Without the touch of your red wings, We cannot know our worth.

You fly above the silver clouds, To Manannan's shining Gate.
You lead the dead along that path, To meet our final fate.
The joke's on us, we find within, A land of laughter and of mirth.
Without the touch of your white wings, We cannot have rebirth.

"The Great Queen"
Morrigan was one of the greatest "negative" archetypal Mothergoddesses of the irish celtoi.
She is a goddess of war, death, prophecy and passionate love.
Together with Badb and Macha she build a triad of three warlike goddesses.

Her Signs and Symbols

Sacred animal: Cow and Mare, Raven and Crow
Ford of a river
The Colors RED and BLACK.
Weapons like spears,swords and shields.

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
Organic. Ecological. Ethical.
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at March 24th, 2006 (07:41 pm)
I'm feeling...: awake

These are my current watch words. (As well as "Rethink. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.")

Since I made a conscious decision to adjust my lifestyle, I've realised that this is not an over night change, instead it is a gradual process that requires a lot of thought and careful planning.

What I am doing so far:

- Recycling paper, card, plastic and tin cans via Borough Council Recycling bins.
- Reusing plastic and glass containers where possible.
- Switched to washable cloths for cleaning rather than disposable cloths and paper towels.
- Using Vinegar and Baking Soda for the majority of the household cleaning.
- Using Ecover Washing Up Liquid and Laundry Liquid.
- Changed over to Organic/Natural deodarent, body lotion, lip balm and spot treatment.
- Reusing carrier bags.
- Buying only fair trade tea, coffee and sugar.
- Eating organic eggs.
- Buying recycled Kitchen Roll

What I would like to do:
- Use a compost bin.
- Switch all personal care products and make-up to natural / organic.
- Use a moon cup rather than STs.
- Buy more local fresh organic produce. (Meat, Fruit and Vegetables)
- Buy Fair Trade or Second Hand clothes.
- Find an alternative type of liquid handwash.

What I (currently) am not willing to change:

- Dying my hair.
- Using bleach down the toilet.
- Changing carpets for other floor covering.
- All motorbike safety gear will be new or as new.

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
Natural First Aid Kit
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at March 20th, 2006 (07:53 pm)

The Natural First Aid Kit

Here are some good treatments to have on hand for general first aid care:

Arnica. Used for bruises, sprains, and sore muscles, this remedy is available in a cream or ointment, or can be given as a compress (apply a clean cloth soaked in a solution of one tablespoon of arnica tincture in one pint of water to the sore area). Homeopathic arnica can be given internally.

Tiger Balm. To treat muscle cramps and headaches, rub this salve on the affected muscle or temples, avoiding the eyes.

Calendula. This herbal remedy is anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic, and it inhibits bleeding. You can find it in salve form, often in combination with comfrey and other healing herbs. Use it for cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns, bruises, strains, and sprains.

Aloe vera. Have this plant handy for wounds and all types of burns, including sunburns. Slice a leaf and apply the gel to the skin, or buy pure aloe vera gel.

Lavender oil. Providing immediate relief for the sting or itch of insect bites, this remedy also helps in healing burns. Use lavender oil undiluted on the skin, or put a few drops in a lukewarm tub. For bruises, apply a compress dipped in equal parts cool water and apple cider vinegar with a few drops of lavender. Once the heat and swelling have subsided, massage the bruise with lavender and chamomile in a carrier oil.

Tea tree oil. Wash a wound with one part tea tree oil--a natural antiseptic--in 10 parts water. For an insect repellent, fill a spray bottle with three ounces water, one ounce witch hazel or aloe vera juice, and 24 drops tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can also be applied to insect bites to stop the itching.

Chamomile. This herb is an anti-inflammatory as well as a digestive aid. For diaper rash or other rashes, soak the affected area with a washcloth dipped in cool chamomile tea, or add chamomile tea to bath water.

St. John's Wort. Herbal St. John's wort has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used topically on wounds and burns, or blended with oil to massage sore muscles. Homeopathic St. John's Wort (Hypericum) can be given internally after head injuries, puncture wounds, and animal bites.

Witch hazel. A good topical treatment for bruises, bites, stings, and burns, it is also useful for leg aches accompanying growing pains.

Rescue Remedy. This Bach Flower remedy can given internally to ease feelings of shock or panic following a trauma.

Tummy Tincture. Fennel and chamomile are soothing to an upset stomach. Put a few drops in water to take when tummy-aches strike (add a few drops clove, caraway, or anise oil for a pleasing taste), or massage your tummy with chamomile and fennel in a carrier oil.

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
Possibly the perfect ceremony
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at March 8th, 2006 (10:27 pm)

Subtle Wedding/Handfasting CeremonyCollapse )

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
Other LiveJournalers
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at March 7th, 2006 (07:25 pm)

Not very often but every now and then you come across someone on Live Journal who makes far too much sense.

Completely by chance today I came across quantumshaman. Everything I've read so far makes so much sense and I envy her clarity and awareness.

Saving the website for when I have more time

Miss Attention Span [userpic]
Cleaning with Vinegar
by Miss Attention Span (miss_c667)
at March 6th, 2006 (07:31 pm)

CleaningCollapse )

LaundryCollapse )

Other Cleaning Recipes

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